Wednesday, April 28, 2010

It's Springtime in Philadelphia.

         And it came galloping in amidst the Japanese Cherry Blossoms in our beautiful Fairmount Park,
                                                   and along the banks of the Schuylkill River.

                 I've always wondered what the view of the river, and Kelly Drive, looked like from the
               vantage point of  this life size sculpture by Frederick Remington. Like the cowboy and his
                           mount, I'm always surprised by the colorful beauty of spring in Philadelphia.

                 The citizens of Billy Penn's fair town simply love their parks system, which meanders
             throughout  the city. On this summer-like weekend, everyone was out and about, it seemed.
                        Paths and sidewalks were filled with runners, most in a hurry to get somewhere,
                                                  and to work up a good sweat in the process.

                  And always there are the scullers, gliding up one side of the Schuylkill and down the other. 
                                                       (Plein Aire, oil on panel by me. Sold)

                                       And of course, dads pushing strollers in the warm sunshine.