Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Maine On My Mind.

In a bit over one week, summer will officially be over.

But my mind of late has been on heading back up to Deer Isle to paint, and work on our cabin.

I miss the chilly foggy mornings that turn into beautiful sunny afternoons. (Oil 24 X 12")

Getting up at 6 A.M. to go painting with my son Mason.

And all that makes Deer Isle such a magical place.

Water Color 9 X 12 "  $125.00

I'm counting the days.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Irene, Julie, Nancy and Me.

OK, I admit it. The thought of a once-every-hundred-years visit from a gi-hun-dous angry hurricane named Irene, was scary.

Saturday morning, after finally giving up on my attempts to find "D" batteries, I joined the long lines, to fill up my gas tank.

Then I went to Hymies, my favorite local Deli, to indulge in what might be my last hot meal for the weekend.

But around five p.m. I was invited to ride out Irene's visit by having dinner and watching movies with my friend Nancy, and her former college roommate, Julie. A toast of cold "Cosmos" to Irene.

Sunday morning we made another toast, this time to our having survived Irene's visit.

After a leisurely breakfast with Nancy and Julie, I decided to walk the mile back to my house, where my son Mason had been holding down the fort overnight.

 Some of my neighbors were already up and out, like this trio of women on a life-affirming run. 

 My route took me past the now permanently closed Barnes Foundation.

Across the street Dr. Barnes frowns at the thought of how his foundation has been "stormed," not by Irene, but by greedy and wealthy "Philliestines."

I soon rounded the corner onto Birch Avenue and saw my old house sitting there, unscathed, awaiting my arrival. Happily, we had all survived the stormy visit of Ms. Irene. Until next time.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Maurice River Wetlands.

This little water color was done back in July, as a demo during our workshop.
Being on the Maurice River, whether the river itself, or along it's beautiful banks, is such a wonderful ,
calming experience, at any time of the year. We will soon be slipping into fall.

Monday, August 22, 2011

House Party and Hospital Weekend.

My dear friend Carol Gillott, of "Paris Breakfasts", asked me the other day if I take my sketchbook with me everywhere I go? I told her I hardly ever leave home without it.
Saturday night Nancy and I were invited to the nearby home of friends for an evening of live music.
After an hour or so of wining and dining, we gathered in the living room to hear our friend Jim Magaziner
doing covers of Beatles songs. Great fun, and he was good.

Not so much fun was the night before, when I was visiting my Dad. Around midnight he insisted
I take him to the nearby hospital's E.R. We were there 'til 5:30 a.m. Although painful, it was not
life threatening. He is once again at home and on the mend. I never know what will end up in my sketchbook. 

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Bob Dylan and Leon Russell on tour.

Last night I took advantage of living only about ten minutes from Philly's wonderful outdoor venue, the Mann Center, in Fairmount Park.

Two music "legends" were performing there; Bob Dylan and Leon Russell.

The place was packed with rockin' fans, and in the beginning of the evening there was enough light from the setting sun for me to do this drawing of  Leon Russell.

Not so when Dylan came on. Toward the end of his set I moved to another area, with more light. But the  guards kept telling me to move. Finally one of them asked "How long will it take to finish that drawing?"
I said "Ten minutes." He said "Go for it!" I like to think I kinda' caught Dylan's "essence. (?)

Monday, August 15, 2011


Last Wednesday I climbed into "Hymn4Her's"van and we drove up the Jersey turnpike for their gigs in Brooklyn and the Village.

While Lucy and Wayne were unloading and setting up at the "68 Jay St. Bar," I did this drawing looking up the street, towards the Manhattan Bridge.

My job for the next three days and nights was to look after Diver while her parents performed.

Some regulars at the bar, waiting for the show to go on.

Others watching during the performance.

We spent the night at the home of a friend. Her row house is one of hundreds built by Donald Trump's father
back in the 1930s. Very charming and very retro.

I awoke hungry on Thursday morning and found breakfast (?) at a "take-out" around the corner.

I lingered long enough to draw this poignant woman, a "regular."

The next night, in the village, I stayed in the van while Diver slept. Here again, an observed "NY Moment,"
on the sidewalk.

We had to be back in Philly Friday for a live interview/performance in the studios of my old stomping grounds, KYW-TV 3. Even Diver got in the act on the noon show "Talk Philly." Check out the interview here:

I'm not so sure Diver believed me when I told her Silver-Pop-Pop worked there way back in the '60s and '70s. be once again young...and so naive. (A Christmas party, as I recall.)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Maine, beautiful Maine.

There is a saying up in Maine; "Well if ya' don't like the wea-tha', just wait five minutes."

Here is our cabin on Deer Isle on a misty morning in July.

Within a half an hour the view of the cove from the porch could be in full sunshine.

My youngest son Mason and I enjoy going out painting in the early morning, in all kinds of weather.

Mason is mostly self-taught. Here is one of his recent water colors, with his thoughts about the moment.

And here, an oil of one of my favorite houses on the island.

We are usually back at the cabin by 10 a.m. or so, and then begin the day's project.
This week, getting rid of mold on our log cabin.

A very physical job well done.

Followed by a swim in the lily pond.

And wondering what will be in store for us with tomorrow's weather...?

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A New Chapter In Saving The Barnes Collection.

I did this painting yesterday in Courtroom B in Norristown, PA. The lawyer standing  is Samuel Stretton, who represents "The Friends of the Barnes" in our final attempt to convince judge Stanley Ott there is good reason to re-open the case against the planned move to Philadelphia. Stay tuned.