Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Maine On My Mind.

In a bit over one week, summer will officially be over.

But my mind of late has been on heading back up to Deer Isle to paint, and work on our cabin.

I miss the chilly foggy mornings that turn into beautiful sunny afternoons. (Oil 24 X 12")

Getting up at 6 A.M. to go painting with my son Mason.

And all that makes Deer Isle such a magical place.

Water Color 9 X 12 "  $125.00

I'm counting the days.


  1. Moody lovely post. I hope your cabin is unscathed.

  2. Son Will is going up there Friday for a week, so we shall see...?

  3. LOVE that 1st photo!!
    Did you paint that? atmospheric

  4. Thanks PB.
    The 2nd pic is my interpretation of a wider view of that harbor. The island on the right appears in the painting. I just did more of the shoreline.
    Basil Hennsler, the 87 yr old owner of the Lobster Pound we were standing on, said "Nevah seen a better paintin' of fog than that one!"
    A real compliment coming from a "local."

  5. Wonderful photos - everything I loved when I visited Maine! Lovely atmospheric effects in your paintings.

  6. Thank you Jeanette.
    Always a challenge trying to stay one step ahead of Mother Nature, when painting on-site.
    But Maine, and in particular Deer Island,is a very magical place.

  7. We love your blog,love your art, and most of all love and miss you, Bill... Felt like Robert and I were there in Maine with you and Will.
    sue and robert