Saturday, September 10, 2011

Labor Day's Labor Of Love.

Last Saturday I got a call from my brother Bob.

Seems our Dad had once again been taken to the Emergency Room.

During the three days Pop was in the hospital his faithful and long-caring friends, Leona and Martha, visited him every day. He still has that Ternay charm.

A crazy thing happened on the day Dad was to be released. My brother Frank woke me at 5:30 a.m., asking me to take HIM to the E.R.! We Ternay men were obviously being "tested."

One of my jobs, between visits, was to pick up prescriptions. Pop is now at home, and Frank should be released within the next few days. Life goes on.
Stay tuned.


  1. Nice journal, Bill. ThAT'S WHAT I CALL MAKING LEMONADE!
    I am also grateful for an uneventful Labor Day weekend. I had just finished a Plein Air Work shop
    and one of my students invited us all to dinner Sat. night.
    I gather that you & Martha are "best buds.?"

  2. Only you could find productive and interesting work at a time like this. Your sketches are wonderful.

  3. Love all yr writing over the drawings!
    You made me laugh today

  4. Bill, so happy I hate football and got bored and decided to try facebook. What a happy and sad surprise. SAD TO READ ABOUT your father, happy that he is home, sorry about frank and hope he will soon be home-let me know. Happy to see your drawings and so proud to have some from trips and various occasions that we were all together. How very fortunate that you are so capable of capturing the moment and able to caption it so cleverly. Come for dinner before a class. I will call. Do not answer on fadebook. I don't like the world knowing what I think. V-----------

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