Saturday, April 28, 2012

A Busy Week Of Sketching, Painting, and Illustrating.

Yet another visit to one of my Dad's doctors with, of course, lots of time spent in the waiting room...waiting.

On my way back to Philly I was seduced by this old familiar long-ago-abandoned farm, and had to finally  capture it with  watercolor in my 5 X 8" Moleskin.

And about five miles away; another farm I've been driving past for so many years, patiently awaiting
my brush on paper.

In the middle of the week I indulged in a light meal at my favorite Chinese  take-out. Seems some people have a bad-hair-day, others a bad-hair-evening.

I also finally finished an illustration project for my friend and writing teacher, Casey. Here is the cover art I did for her very first novel.

And this and the following three pen and ink drawings are for the inside of her book.

A long week of enjoyable and challenging art experiences.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Inspired by David Hockney.

This is a self-portrait by David Hockney, a mentor to me (he doesn't know it) and in my opinion one of the great innovators of our time.

Hockney has inspired me on so many levels over the years. He is prolific, creative, always exploring new mediums, and much too busy doing his art to be concerned about his critics.

After living in LA for many years, Hockney has returned to his roots, in Yorkshire, England.
I recently purchased this facsimile sketchbook of his, from 2004.

It is one of many he fills with dashed off impressions in pencil, pen, and watercolor. For me, a window into how the man thinks and sees. (detail)

A few weeks ago, as I was driving down to teach in South Jersey, I lived dangerously and did this scribble, with the sketchbook in my lap, in an attempt to capture shapes in the misty, early morning landscape.

Later that day I did this double-page watercolor sketch, using the earlier pen scratchings as an aid to capture not a specific place, but my lingering impression of the Jersey landscape.

This past Friday, while visiting my Dad, I could not resist setting up a kitchen chair at the edge of the field that I've now painted and photographed many times.

This watercolor took about forty-five minutes to paint. Spring is in the air, and thanks to Hockney, I'm off and running.