Saturday, April 28, 2012

A Busy Week Of Sketching, Painting, and Illustrating.

Yet another visit to one of my Dad's doctors with, of course, lots of time spent in the waiting room...waiting.

On my way back to Philly I was seduced by this old familiar long-ago-abandoned farm, and had to finally  capture it with  watercolor in my 5 X 8" Moleskin.

And about five miles away; another farm I've been driving past for so many years, patiently awaiting
my brush on paper.

In the middle of the week I indulged in a light meal at my favorite Chinese  take-out. Seems some people have a bad-hair-day, others a bad-hair-evening.

I also finally finished an illustration project for my friend and writing teacher, Casey. Here is the cover art I did for her very first novel.

And this and the following three pen and ink drawings are for the inside of her book.

A long week of enjoyable and challenging art experiences.


  1. Lovely! What kind of sketching pen/pens? do you use?

  2. You are an inspiration, Bill.
    Lovely stuff!.

  3. Thank you thank you thank you for your comments.
    In this instance, I used a fine point Sharpie, on cheap copy paper from Staples.
    I chose that pen because, at the beginning of every stroke, the ink does a wee bit of puddling. I think although it is subtle, it gives the overall drawing a little bit of zippiness...? And I guess, texture.
    My usual pen for drawing in my sketchbook is a fine point Uni-ball. I like the line, but HATE them when they start to give out on me, especially in the middle of a drawing.
    And I like that they are not waterproof (although they are archival) which allows me to sometimes do a "spit" wash. Too much info, I'm sure.

  4. Yummy drawings
    I can't imagine how you get such character with a Sharpie pen!?
    Love your road-side watercolor.
    Evidently you did your homework all those years of waiting and watching.
    It shows!

    1. Thanks PB, for your kind words.
      And as we speak, there you are in gay Paree,
      also doing your homework.
      Love it.

  5. Hi Bill! Those road-side farm paintings are a treasure. And speaking of that I've been very moved by your sketches of your Dad. What an interesting journey. And what a personal and insightful way to chronical it.
    Your work for your friends novel is lovely! It could be the artwork for our beloved Anne of Green Gables books. It feels like Prince Edward Island. Warm, sunny palette.

  6. Thanks Kim.
    I just saw the cover for my friend's book, now that it has been designed.
    The publisher took my art to another level that is so very appropriate for the novel.
    I'll put the image in an upcoming post. As you'll see, sometimes "less" truly is "more."