Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Snowed In With My Girlfriend, Her Doggie, And My Sketchbook.

 Selling my art has gotten a lot more challenging of late with all these recent snowstorms.

When the latest big one descended upon Philly, I decided to abandon my house
and studio to sit out the storm with my friend Nancy and her doggie, Leah.

Sure enough we awoke to find the Weather folks were right; the falling snow was not only beautiful,
but getting deeper by the minute. What was a captive artist to do...?

Nancy suggested a hearty breakfast was in order.

Thank goodness for the Muses of the world. Every artist should have at least one; to provide inspiration,
and nourishment...and...

...a very smart little doggie who knows how to spend time during a snowstorm.
Thank you, Nancy, for cleaning off my car.  Next time I'll be sure to wear my boots.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Sketching Super Bowl Sunday.

As I write this Philly is once again getting wrapped in a blanket of heavy wet snow,
and the temperature is dropping.

But on Super Bowl Sunday, it was almost balmy. I started my day
having breakfast at "Manhattan Bagel."

I then went to "Trader Joes," to beat the Super Bowl Party shoppers.
But of course by the time I finished this sketch, the lines were getting long at the check-out.

By mid-afternoon I needed a coffee break, so I walked the few blocks from my home
to "Town Hall Coffee Company," where I joined other "Regulars."

Around six I was to rendezvous with Nancy at the home of friends to watch the game.
As as I walked to the door I could see through the windows the party was already in full swing.
Only one problem; wrong house and party. I thanked the host for inviting me to join his friends anyway,
soon found the right house, and did this drawing as the Denver Broncos got TRASHED.

Happily I did not do the same.