Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Snowed In With My Girlfriend, Her Doggie, And My Sketchbook.

 Selling my art has gotten a lot more challenging of late with all these recent snowstorms.

When the latest big one descended upon Philly, I decided to abandon my house
and studio to sit out the storm with my friend Nancy and her doggie, Leah.

Sure enough we awoke to find the Weather folks were right; the falling snow was not only beautiful,
but getting deeper by the minute. What was a captive artist to do...?

Nancy suggested a hearty breakfast was in order.

Thank goodness for the Muses of the world. Every artist should have at least one; to provide inspiration,
and nourishment...and...

...a very smart little doggie who knows how to spend time during a snowstorm.
Thank you, Nancy, for cleaning off my car.  Next time I'll be sure to wear my boots.


  1. Especially lovely drawings. Your muse is right on apparently.

    1. Thanks Nancy. These were lots of fun to do,
      as my breakfast got cold.
      Thanks for dinner last week.

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  2. That first photo is just hilarious. Where do you get that Brit sense of humour from? (or is it more Lucy and Desi?)

    1. It's all those years of watching Monty Python, methinks.
      That sculpture is on the church property behind my house. Must be "St. Mathias,"
      which is the name of the church. On this cold morning the ex-Catholic boy in me
      said it was worth spending time in Purgatory for the laugh. (hee-hee)
      Thanks Sheila.

  3. Aye, Monty Python would figure. And Life of Brian " he's been a very naughty boy" - I am an ex-Catholic girl too but you know when I visit Catholic France and Italy I cannot resist going in the churches there. They are so magnificent. One of my grandsons asked me in a big church in Paris "Why is Saint Theresa smiling" - I said "I just told her a joke". He seemed satisfied with that.

  4. Haa-haa-haa.
    One of my students, a French woman in her sixties, said the other day that when she was a little Catholic girl she LOVED the virgin Mary. She kept telling her mother "When I grow up I want to be a VIRGIN!"
    I didn't have the nerve to ask if she got her wish.

  5. And yes, Sheila, I still enjoy the experience of going into Catholic churches and cathedrals.
    The smell of incense, the shafts of light from windows, the mystery in the shadows, the scale
    of it all. For me it is theater in the extreme.