Saturday, March 3, 2012

A Busy Week In Sketches.

My journals are reminders of what I did, and when, throughout the week...and my life.

I began this week with breakfast at Manhattan Bagel.

And lingered over my ham egg and cheese on an "everything" long enough to draw this gentleman, a "regular."

A few days later I found myself at "Hymies," my  favorite local Deli, for lunch.

On Friday I drove down to Jersey to take my Dad to have his eyes examined. Seems at the ripe age of ninety nine he has a hard time these days reading the small print in his racing form.

I left his house later than usual, so I decided to have a quiet dinner about two miles away, at "Ye Olde Centerton Inne,"  a local restaurant that was a stagecoach stop from Philly to the Jersey shore, in Colonial Times. Here are two "regulars" at the bar.

This place is filled with nostalgia from my childhood. As kids my brothers and I would join friends on Halloween and "Trick or Treat" in the small village of Centerton. Knocking on the door of the Inn took guts, 'cause everyone knew the place was surely haunted.   But on this night it was just a great place to end my week.