Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Ever Evolving Art Of Parenting.

Do parents ever stop worrying about the well-being of their kids, whatever their age?

Here are my three adult sons; Mason, Will and Pierce.

And here they are as little guys, back in the 1970s. Happy most of the time, but also vulnerable. They needed to be watched over and taken care of.

This past week I had the rare opportunity to once again be "the Dad," and take care of the needs of my oldest son, Will.

 That soccer ball had hit him in the nose really hard when he was a kid, so he finally had some out-patient surgery to clear up some nasal problems. I picked him up at the hospital.

 I did this drawing later that night as he dozed off and on between movies, sitting on his couch.

 On my way home the next morning I realized, in my heart, my big sons will always be "the little guys."      

Monday, January 6, 2014

Sketching that chubby old elf...and other critters, in Florida at Christmas.

A few days before Christmas my son Mason and I caught a plane to Florida.

We were looking forward to spending Christmas with Pierce and Maggi and my granddaughter, Ms. Diver.
These sketches were done on the plane as we flew south.

As soon as we landed we drove to a gig where Maggi and Pierce were to perform.
I started this drawing with Diver's eye, and three hours later the drawing was finished, just as
we arrived in Stuart, Florida. Diver looks about a year older here than she actually is.
Sometime my pen leads me astray.

Christmas is for the child in each of us, of course. Here is Diver's version of a happy Christmas.
This child draws constantly. Can't imagine where she gets that from.

On one of my morning walks I ended up at this outdoor cafe, where I had breakfast.

This sketch was done while killing time to rendezvous with the kids for dinner.

And a midnight rendezvous of a different kind (under my covers no less!) resulted
in a sketch not of the jolly old elf, but this guy. There are advantages to NOT living in Florida.
                                                           Happy New Year to all!