Monday, January 6, 2014

Sketching that chubby old elf...and other critters, in Florida at Christmas.

A few days before Christmas my son Mason and I caught a plane to Florida.

We were looking forward to spending Christmas with Pierce and Maggi and my granddaughter, Ms. Diver.
These sketches were done on the plane as we flew south.

As soon as we landed we drove to a gig where Maggi and Pierce were to perform.
I started this drawing with Diver's eye, and three hours later the drawing was finished, just as
we arrived in Stuart, Florida. Diver looks about a year older here than she actually is.
Sometime my pen leads me astray.

Christmas is for the child in each of us, of course. Here is Diver's version of a happy Christmas.
This child draws constantly. Can't imagine where she gets that from.

On one of my morning walks I ended up at this outdoor cafe, where I had breakfast.

This sketch was done while killing time to rendezvous with the kids for dinner.

And a midnight rendezvous of a different kind (under my covers no less!) resulted
in a sketch not of the jolly old elf, but this guy. There are advantages to NOT living in Florida.
                                                           Happy New Year to all!



  1. Ah, Happy Joes looks like it was such a nice place for pre-Christmas So you had a warm Christmas, smushed bugs and all : ) I really love Diver's drawing! Especially the creatures near the top of the tree. Are they ornaments or elves...did you get the scoop?

  2. I think the ones kinda' sliding down the tree are "Nutcracker" soldiers, Kim.
    For Christmas Diver gave me an illustrated book, with 3 stories written by her.
    I'm thinking of doing a post about it, at the risk of simply being seen as a proud "Silver-Pop-Pop."
    Which of course I am.

  3. Really love these, Bill. -Art Lien

    1. Thanks Art, for your comments.
      Much appreciated from a man of your skills.
      Keep on drawin'.

  4. Your sketches always invite an up close look-see ... except for the squished bug! EEK!
    And a post about the young artiste Diver would be a delight ... :-)
    ArtistLady Carol

    1. Thank you "ArtistLady Carol,
      Is that Carol as in "Paris Breakfasts" Carol? Or some other ArtistLady Carol?
      I think I recognize that particular "EEK!"
      Actually you've been reading my mind re Ms. Diver's art.
      I cannot resist doing a post about the book of stories she wrote and illustrated for me at Christmas.
      Simply AMAAAAAZING!

    2. Alas, I am not the oh-so-talented Paris Breakfast Carol G. However, we share the same love of watercolor and home state ... until she "decamped" for Paris. Interestingly, I found your blog through her web site. And, ain't I glad! :-)))
      ArtistLady CarolH

    3. WELL! Talk about a small world!
      Thanks for looking in, Ms. ArtistLady.
      And I am SOOOO enjoying doing my blog again.

    4. Dear ArtistLady.
      So far we've been introduced to the "Lady" part of your persona...but how do we get to see your "Art" ?

  5. Bill, it's good to see you back and a belated Happy New year to you too! Your drawings and your granddaughter's drawing are so rich and fascinating. It's the same as, or better than, reading a book about your adventures. Oh yes, of course you must post about the book of stories. What a wonderful gift.

  6. I will very soon put up Ms. Diver's storybook images.
    Gotta' do some fancy scanning, etc.