Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Ever Evolving Art Of Parenting.

Do parents ever stop worrying about the well-being of their kids, whatever their age?

Here are my three adult sons; Mason, Will and Pierce.

And here they are as little guys, back in the 1970s. Happy most of the time, but also vulnerable. They needed to be watched over and taken care of.

This past week I had the rare opportunity to once again be "the Dad," and take care of the needs of my oldest son, Will.

 That soccer ball had hit him in the nose really hard when he was a kid, so he finally had some out-patient surgery to clear up some nasal problems. I picked him up at the hospital.

 I did this drawing later that night as he dozed off and on between movies, sitting on his couch.

 On my way home the next morning I realized, in my heart, my big sons will always be "the little guys."      


  1. Very touching, Bill. Yes you never stop being a parent.

  2. Bill, I'm moved by your pictures and drawings, by the ever-present feelings we experience as parents of growing, and grown, children - feelings you capture with your deft hand and keen heart. Much to their occasional frustration, we keep on being their parents, and then - thank goodness - they turn to us when they need to, when the times are easy and when they're not.

  3. Thank you Nancy and Casey, for your thoughts and understanding.

  4. No! You never stop. Even though mine are still on the younger end, I can project : ) You have three handsome sons there. I really love the 70s shot. Hoping Will is recovering nicely. Poor guy! It's always nice to have people looking out for you. Cheers.

  5. As I've said to you before, Kim, I can tell from your blog you are a good mom.
    Right in there with being an incredible artist.