Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Totally Obsessed With Watercolor.

On those days when he's feeling up to it, my Dad and I go for rides. And yes, at ninety-nine, he still likes to drive.

As I watch out for oncoming mailboxes, he reminds me of who still lives where, and now that it is planting time, how every other big field we see is being farmed by "The Dubois Boys."

After last week's visit, I once again ended my day in South Jersey doing a watercolor, this one of a Dubois farm.

And here is one of the "boys," Henry. Now sixty-four years old, Henry laughed and reminded me he rode my Dad's school bus back when he was a kid. After farming and running our little country store for 30 years, Pop then drove school buses for another 20 years. As a result, everybody seems to remember him.

Each of the farms in this photo is owned by  Dubois family members.

As clouds moved in, I painted the pile of shapes that made the farmhouse and outbuildings and trees all one long, meandering bigger shape in the fields.

In another beginning, I decided to not carry this to the usual "finish." I find this delicious mix of colorful washes more satisfying as a small statement about the farm's silhouette against the setting sun.

As the light began to fade I did one more painting, again just hoping to capture the essence of what was in front of me, before ending the day.

Back home in my studio I took it one step more, adding a darker value in the buildings and trees, and indicating the distant horizon. I kinda' like this little guy. 

And finally, this past weekend I did this painting along the stream in nearby Merion Park, where I've painted many times. I think I'll submit this one to the upcoming Annual Exhibition of the Philadelphia Watercolor Society.
Wish me luck.


  1. I find these watercolors of yours to be lovely.

  2. Hello Mem, and thank you for your thoughtful comment.
    "Lovely" is a word I've not heard applied to my watercolors.
    Very much appreciated.
    Do you ever visit "Paris Breakfasts"?

    1. Just saw this, why not "lovely?" I do read the PB blog by CarolG and like her whimsical and mouthwatering watercolors. She's very lucky to visit Paris so often.

  3. Wonderful work. I can't believe how much you can do at one sitting. Very impressive.

  4. love the farm scenes-can imagine i'm down in salem or cumberland county just by looking at them.

  5. Actually the first painting, with the farm on the horizon, was done this past Thursday late P.M. The week before I did the other three, in one go. Sometimes ya' get on a bit of a "roll." Thanks for your comments Nancy and katepaai.

  6. Yummy water colours Bill. I like how watercolour is non-compromising. It says - no, you had your chance (and in my case, you blew it). You didn't blow it here (unless you blew it dry). Your dad is a marvel. He looks as sharp as a box of knives. I wouldn't like to contradict him, lol.

  7. Haaa-haaaa-haaaa!
    Love your comment, Shiela.
    And you are so RIGHT ON, with watercolor...and my Dad.

  8. Hi Bill! The first watercolour of the Dubois farm (with the evening glow) is just gorgeous! Did you ever capture the light! Sigh. And I have to ask - is that a current picture of your father? Is he 99 there? Because - wow. Talk about good genetics : ) What a great photo. Love your work as always.