Monday, September 26, 2011

Museums And Art That Seduces.

Every once in awhile I feel a craving for some Humble Pie, and spend time in an Art Museum.

I roam the galleries with my sketchbook, drawing other art lovers, and seek my favorite artists. 

Often I'm not the only live artist in the galleries. Here are children totally focused on doing their version of a portrait, in the National Gallery in London.

Invariably I encounter a painting that needs to be captured within the pages of my sketchbook.

In the Tate Museum, a guard keeps watch over a reclining lady.

Nearby, a guard sleeping on the job. The abstract painting a bit too boring?

In the Detroit Museum Of Art, my dear friends Vincent and his friend and sometime nemesis,
Gauguin. I would consider cutting my ear off for either one of them.

Closer to home in the Philadelphia Museum of Art, this child, so vulnerable, by Vincent.

 And finally, a woman I adore; Ms. Frances Sherborne Ridley Watts, by John Singer Sargent. Also to be discovered at the Philadelphia Museum Of Art. Whadda' woooman!


  1. Invariably I encounter a drawing of yours where I wish I could read the fine print on the wall...
    You have a lot of good friends, though some are asleep on the job..

  2. I love this tour of museums through your sketchbooks. You have a real treasure in all these beautifully captured memories.

  3. Thank you PB and Nancy.
    You two have amaaaaaaazing blogs.

  4. Portraits of old friends...
    At the Albright-Knox gallery in Buffalo, NY, there hung a self-portrait of Edgar Degas as a student, a just-sprouted fuzz on his upper teenage romance!