Thursday, September 15, 2011

Labor Day Water Colors.

If you've been following this blog of mine, then you know I'm in love with this view.

It is a view I grew up with, as a child in South Jersey. And now, as an artist, it seduces me.
My brothers and I played Cowboys and Indians in those woods, my father grew strawberries in the fields. 

In early morning wild turkeys search for food in the hollow. At dusk deer venture out to feed.
I feed off all of the shapes in the landscape as I wed pigment with water on the paper's surface.
Do you like one of these water colors more than the other? Tell me why.



  1. Gorgeous, Bill. I like the second one more. I think it's because the sky seems more expansive, active, bringing some kind of power or energy to the scene.

  2. Thanks Evelyn.
    Jeff, they are in the pages of a wc sketchbook I'm
    slowly filling, to give to a friend. Each is
    7 X 10 inches.

  3. I love the thoughts & feelings that go with your lovely images...The colors speak of happy memories. Do you know artist Eric Hopkins who grew up on North Haven? I also love hearing him talking of his childhood. I'm more drawn to the 1st, to the woods, to the stronger contrasts...

  4. beautifully dreamy. Bill. I could get lost in the first one.

  5. Do you hear the guiding voice of Pat Witt, as you paint with light...where the plains are flooded with yellow sunlight and shadows are purple...where the palette is clear, clear color, unsullied by black...Maxwell Parrish...ahhhh!