Friday, October 14, 2011

Birthday Boy At Ninety Nine.

Last Thursday my dear Dad turned ninety-nine years old.

I bought him a very nice looking cake, at Whole Foods.

While he was opening cards from well-wishers he complained that he'd gotten "too many damn phone calls" in the morning. But I knew he loved the attention.

At mid-day we took a ride, and of course, the Birthday-Boy drove.

He had to get some blood tests done at the local hospital. I'm afraid I just cannot watch when my Dad gets poked.

But when the nurse asked the routine question, "Do you know when you were born?," Pop took great pleasure in answering "Yes, on this day, ninety-nine years ago!" She laughed and wished him a happy

We then went back to his little South Jersey home. He was getting a bit tired, so this time, I drove.
I knew Pop was about to give himself a gift on this; his special day.

A Birthday nap.


  1. A lovely tribute from a talented and loving son.

  2. thanks for sharing this. Glad to see him looking so well. Love your drawing of him too. I remember that house even though I'd not been there that many times. Appears he had a pretty good day along with some tastey cake.

  3. I guess when yr 99 you can wear your shoes in bed.And do just about anything else you want.
    Bonne anniversaire to dear old Dad.
    Nice 'odalisque' drawing.

  4. Holy mackeral. That is wonderful. I wonder how fast he was truckin down the road. Cuz Bob in Denver

  5. On behalf of William Thomas Ternay (Sr.)
    I thank you one and all.

  6. Happy Belated Birthday wishes to your Dad, Bill! What a privilege you have been given to enjoy him here for 99 years and ongoing! Love your pictures of him celebrating his special day and your cartoon of him taking a much needed nap after a long day! Congratulations! Audrey and Ben Lee(in spirit)................

  7. Thanks Audrey,
    So nice of you to comment.
    I have not forgotten to send the images we talked about. Will do ASAP.

  8. A special time in both of your lives...

  9. Oh, I love it!