Saturday, October 22, 2011

Teaching Art At The Barn Studio.

For the past six weeks I have been teaching a Painting class in South Jersey.

I get up before the sun, and drive down through the farmscapes I've loved since I was a child.

The ten week adult classes I teach are at The Barn Studio, in Millville. 

I've been a "Friend of the Barn" for over fifty years. And in an earlier incarnation it really was a barn.

The Barn's founder, Pat Witt, likes to come down to say "Hello" to the students, even when it's not one of the classes she is teaching. Most of these "Barnies" have known Pat for many years, as I have.

In this class there are students working in Watercolor, Oil, or Acrylic, mediums with which I've had lots of experience using. Half of my job is assuring them each is an artist, no matter their skill level.

Here I'm doing a demo in oils from part of a still-life, to make a point about using fresh clean color.

The demo.

Here is another demo done last week, but this time in watercolors. I rarely do still-lifes, but this one was lots of fun to do.

We know the class is over when Pat's cats start climbing up on the still-lifes, to sleep under the warm lamps. I'll be teaching this class again for ten weeks, starting on Thurs. Jan. 5th thru 8 Mar. 2012.
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  1. Love the 'Cezanne' demo!!
    What a fun thing to do. Hard to believe that was ever a barn - just beautiful!

  2. Thanks PB.
    Having fun in gay Paree?
    I see in your blog posts
    that you've had many exotic adventures.
    Helen Mirren at the next table, at dinner.
    Giving directions in the Metro to a lost Leslie Caron and her cute doggie.
    What next?!

  3. If you give a workshop or class in Maine, sign me up!

  4. Thanks Ink and Aquarelle.
    I'll let you know
    if and when.

  5. Photos bring back lots of memories... The gigantic plant near the sunny window is still ALIIIIIVE! The still life of a beautiful table, laden with a king's banquet, that I painted at the Barn Studio in 1987 has that SAME PLANT looming in the darkness at the top left corner!