Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Maine, beautiful Maine.

There is a saying up in Maine; "Well if ya' don't like the wea-tha', just wait five minutes."

Here is our cabin on Deer Isle on a misty morning in July.

Within a half an hour the view of the cove from the porch could be in full sunshine.

My youngest son Mason and I enjoy going out painting in the early morning, in all kinds of weather.

Mason is mostly self-taught. Here is one of his recent water colors, with his thoughts about the moment.

And here, an oil of one of my favorite houses on the island.

We are usually back at the cabin by 10 a.m. or so, and then begin the day's project.
This week, getting rid of mold on our log cabin.

A very physical job well done.

Followed by a swim in the lily pond.

And wondering what will be in store for us with tomorrow's weather...?


  1. They have the same saying in Paris!(not TX)
    Sitting duck might also be Mason's name if a Maine Bear came along.
    You look good as a Merman.