Thursday, August 18, 2011

Bob Dylan and Leon Russell on tour.

Last night I took advantage of living only about ten minutes from Philly's wonderful outdoor venue, the Mann Center, in Fairmount Park.

Two music "legends" were performing there; Bob Dylan and Leon Russell.

The place was packed with rockin' fans, and in the beginning of the evening there was enough light from the setting sun for me to do this drawing of  Leon Russell.

Not so when Dylan came on. Toward the end of his set I moved to another area, with more light. But the  guards kept telling me to move. Finally one of them asked "How long will it take to finish that drawing?"
I said "Ten minutes." He said "Go for it!" I like to think I kinda' caught Dylan's "essence. (?)


  1. Hahahaha
    Yeah it takes 10 minutes
    Or rather
    20-30 YEARS to draw like that!

  2. Lucky you!! Glad to know the guard has an appreciation for your art!!