Sunday, August 28, 2011

Irene, Julie, Nancy and Me.

OK, I admit it. The thought of a once-every-hundred-years visit from a gi-hun-dous angry hurricane named Irene, was scary.

Saturday morning, after finally giving up on my attempts to find "D" batteries, I joined the long lines, to fill up my gas tank.

Then I went to Hymies, my favorite local Deli, to indulge in what might be my last hot meal for the weekend.

But around five p.m. I was invited to ride out Irene's visit by having dinner and watching movies with my friend Nancy, and her former college roommate, Julie. A toast of cold "Cosmos" to Irene.

Sunday morning we made another toast, this time to our having survived Irene's visit.

After a leisurely breakfast with Nancy and Julie, I decided to walk the mile back to my house, where my son Mason had been holding down the fort overnight.

 Some of my neighbors were already up and out, like this trio of women on a life-affirming run. 

 My route took me past the now permanently closed Barnes Foundation.

Across the street Dr. Barnes frowns at the thought of how his foundation has been "stormed," not by Irene, but by greedy and wealthy "Philliestines."

I soon rounded the corner onto Birch Avenue and saw my old house sitting there, unscathed, awaiting my arrival. Happily, we had all survived the stormy visit of Ms. Irene. Until next time.


  1. Nothing like a delicious 'menage a trois' to survive a treacherous storm.

  2. Can't believe ppl are outside running like it was normal..
    No lines down there?

  3. There certainly were lines down in many areas, but not on that stretch of road. The crazy thing is, it was still quite windy as I walked home, so I kept my eyes on the tree tops, just in case.
    A few hours late I drove down that street, and there were tree guys cutting up a GIANT tree that, after my passing (and those joggers) had come crashing down onto the roadway! WOA!