Saturday, July 24, 2010

Maurice River School Plein Air Workshop; 2010. Day One.

Last Sunday afternoon students gathered under the trees at the the Barn Studio of Art,
in Millville, N.J., for the welcoming "Meet and Greet." This was the second Maurice River
School Plein Air Painting Workshop, and the class size had doubled after last year's very
successful initial outing. In fact, sadly, students had to be turned away this year.

During the week that followed, students had access to the teaching of five
experienced Artist/Instructors, each offering their expertise in a variety of mediums,
aesthetics, and painting. On a very hot and humid Monday, we met at the Leesburg Ship Yard,
at the edge of the Maurice River.

Stan Sperlak was the instructor for this first day, sharing his knowledge of Pastel,
starting with a demo, which took about an hour to complete. He also encouraged students to
not set up too close to the shoreline, out of respect for a family of nesting Ospreys.

Here is Stan's finished demo.

The students then found sites to paint on the grounds of  the now deserted, but very historic,
boat yard. Rule number one when painting outdoors (if possible) find a shady spot!
Some students braved the sunshine; others brought their own shade.

And most found refuge in the shadows of the silent buildings.  

Here is an almost completed student work, with her preliminary rough concept sketch.

About an hour before the long day ended, Stan did another quick demo, just to make some
final points about showing "atmosphere," in the humid late afternoon light.

Here is "atmosphere" of another kind, one we looked forward to on most nights as the week
progressed.  Always accompanied by good food and drinks, and reflections on the day's efforts.
On this first night; the "Oar House Pub," in Millville, with our "Mentor," Pat Witt, on the right.

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  1. This looks like a lot of fun. How do I sign up for next year?