Monday, October 4, 2010

Provence Workshop; the students arrive.

By now anyone of you who reads my blog can see I enjoy the art of photography, almost
as much as I love painting.

On Sunday morning I took advantage of my second free day, and explored the cobbled
streets and winding stone stairways leading me to the upper reaches of Bonnieux.

But first, a quick "Bonjour" to the friendly and very busy baker, at the nearby Boulangerie.
He took time out from making the morning breads to sell me a yummy croissant to go with my coffee.

Although I was looking for a subject to paint, I kept getting seduced by...well, the following,
and so many more images to shoot.


I finally did settle in, and found a subject to paint.

Here is the final finished water color.

By the time I got my painting gear together, and made the trek down to our hotel, it was late afternoon.
Just enough time to get cleraned up, and meet the students.

Here we are at our "Welcoming Dinner," in the dinning room of our hotel, le Clos du Buis.
From left to right; Ellen, Holly, Donna, Cass, me, MJ, Jackie, Tema, and Judy.
The first of many wonderful meals and experiences to be shared in the coming week


  1. What a gorgeous place!
    And beautiful images!!

  2. Bill~ You captured it all! Post more paintings...I'm sure all the students would like to see them. How about doing it again next year?!?

  3. Thanks Ellen.
    You're ON!
    More paintings will be coming, per post.

  4. I do love coming back for a breath of Provence...
    Yr photos are gorgeous and I love the abstractness of them too.

  5. Merci, Carol.
    Stay tuned.
    And have fun when you get to Pareeeee!

  6. William - what a treasure of photographs and so-fresh water colours which capture that brilliant Provencal sunshine - the light is so special there, everyone says it but it's true. France has to be one of the most beautiful countries in the world doesn't t.
    Now, (for something different), I know you are not complaining, laugh out loud, but I am fascinated by the fact that every time a fellow painter-blogger holds a workshop, whether they be male or female, the majority of the participants are always girls. Any theories as to why?
    Thanks for sharing this experience William. I am vicariously enjoying it!