Friday, January 14, 2011

Hymn 4 Her's Three Month Tour.

If you have been following my blog since its' inception, by now you might have the feeling my branch of the Ternay clan is a bunch of Gypsies.

...and you would be right. It is especially true of my son Pierce and his mate in the band, and in life, sweet Maggi Jane...and of course, their daughter, Diver.

On January 5th they all piled into their van, with friend Gret as resident Nanny, and Pokey the Band embark on a three month tour of the U.S., in true Gypsy style.

But before they left, they had one final fun local gig, at the "Grape Room," in Philly's Manayunk section.
This drawing is from my sketchbook.

Opening for Maggi and Pierce was a very talented and animated performer, " Le Roy Montana."
Great head, flowing mane and scarves; how could I resist?! Too bad I was working in pen and ink, 'cause
this guy was very "colorful."

As usual, I delighted in attempting to capture the variety of wonderful fellow fans at the bar, including my
hero, Batman. OK, so it's not really the man, himself.

I got so caught up drawing the performers and patrons across the bar that I didn't notice this beautiful
and so talented and famous Philly Rapper, "Schooly D," sitting next to me, waiting to go on.  

And here are Maggi and Pierce, as they were playing their final gig in Philly, for quite awhile.
Happily, they are getting RAVE REVIEWS on the tour, and tonight they play in New Orleans,  then
they head for Texas, and New Mexico, etc. Check out their website for their whole tour schedule.
They will return just before Diver's Birthday, on April 4th.
You can see them performing a few nights ago, in Nashville, below. ENJOY!

Hymn for Her 2011 01 11 Basement Sea from Kevin Kaz on Vimeo.


  1. Tres charmant!
    What a lively band of gypsies they are.
    And what an adventure they are headed out on!
    Bon Voyage!

  2. And you should know, Ms. PB!
    You are the SUPREME world traveler.