Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Philly Snowed In.

Anybody who believes climate change isn't happening must have his head buried deeply in...
well...a big snowbank.

A few nights ago we got dumped on yet again in the Philly area, and even more snow is predicted within
the next few days. Kitty was contemplating a warm day inside. 

We were both awakened by the chatter of my friend Tom's snow blower. Peeking beyond my Batman collection I could see he was busy being gracious to his neighbors, clearing the sidewalks.

Son Mason and I, taking a breather from our morning of shoveling out.

As a tip of my winter cap to dear old, and insistent, Mother Nature, I thought I'd show you some paintings
done by me of landscapes that have snow in them. It seems I actually have not done as many as I thought. 
Here is a detail of one done in a nearby park. Each of these paintings is a water color.

This and the one following were done at Keystone Ski Resort, above Denver, Colorado.

I did these from quick ink sketches, on site, then did the actual paintings in the warmth of our lodge, in
front of the fireplace, with a delicious Manhattan within reach. There have actually been occasions when
I dipped my brush in my drink, instead of the water. Whooops! Only when on vacation.   
Now, if only spring was truly just lurking around the corner.
Hang in there, friends.


  1. Beautiful, Bill...Sometimes I really do miss the ethereal quality of snow!

  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE these images Bill.
    Everyone of them, both the painted and the photos.

  3. That tree painting is so serene...
    I love looking at it here amongs the other pictures too.
    merci carolg

  4. Just came accross this lovely water color somehow in my email. I really like this one. It is the way I wish snow felt.