Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Monet Had His Haystacks.

There is a field behind my Dad's house that has been a constant source of visual delight to me.

For many years Pop's old country store sat in the hedgerow, having been moved  there from its original site, down on the corner. Like my Dad, it was retired after many years of service to the farming community.

Monet was  fascinated with the always changing light on his haystacks, in different seasons and times of day.

I've long felt the same way about the light down in the  hollow, on the trees and field, with the same need to capture it in paint.

One warm day last week, I set my easel up just inside the kitchen, and painted the view looking out the back door. At the end of  the afternoon I had three small water colors.

The first attempt ended up heading for the trash can. Much too busy in the trees, and generally pretty "mushy"
all over. A real stinker.

Painting number two, enveloped in sunlight,  I liked. A keeper.

I also liked number three, although there is too much blue in the shade side of the tree. The light was much softer, after clouds moved in. A "Gray day" painting that I'll use for reference in a bigger version, back in my studio. All in all, a fun way to pass the time while my Dad slept. Time to make supper.


  1. I like number three too. It has a "knowingness" about it. I also prefer the softer edges in this one as compared with number two. The greys are gorgeous!

  2. I LOVE No.1
    Nuttin' mushy about it...love those tree shadows too.
    No.3 looks too mushy to me. The foreground isn't very distinct as it is in No.1.
    I love No.2, but No.1 is the most Monetesque - lots of texture and layering.
    Is it still in the waste basket?

  3. Where are the THUMBNAILS and VALUE STUDIES you did before diving in? ? ?

  4. Lucy & Wayne vote for numero uno. We're mushy.

  5. All three have very different moods and are beautiful. You've captured the colors and light (very Monet) worthy of the South Jersey landscape. Many people don't realize that Jersey has a landscape!