Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Barn Studio Of Art Outdoor Festival 2011.

Two Sundays ago I joined South Jersey "Art Lovers", and the proud parents of young artists, at Pat Witt's
annual event at her "Barn Studio of Art" in Millville, N.J.

More than twenty years ago I had done a mural project with students painting on the side of one of Pat's
outbuildings. This horsey looks you in the eye from every vantage point.

The setting for this festival of art is lush and inviting.

  Pat has been teaching more than three generations of children and adult artists since opening
"The Barn" in 1962.

 On this day young budding artists were painting bunnies.

 And flowers.

Throughout the day there was entertainment from a local high school choral group.

And lush color everywhere.

There were also tours of the Barn studios, and Pats home. 

Here's a mini version of just a part of the tour, for those of you who couldn't be with me that day.

A day spent at my dear friend and mentor Pat's "Barn Studio of Art" is sure to bring out the child in each of us. Which reminds me of the following:

In just a few weeks I will be one of four instructors in the Barn Studio of Art's third annual "Maurice River
Landscape Painting Workshop."
Dates are July 10 thru 16 for an intense week of Pleine Air painting in the environs of the beautiful Maurice River, and surrounding wetlands. Stan Sperlak focuses on Pastel, Patrick Conner on traditional Oil techniques,  Jill Rapinski on Pastel and color theory, and I will be teaching a day of Water Color and a day of Oil painting, in the great South Jersey outdoors. For particulars go to:


  1. FABULOUS post!
    Every picture tells a story.
    Pat looks terrific and must be full of many stories herself.
    Particularly love the model bunnies but it's so hard to choose.
    merci carolg

  2. SOunds like a pretty fantastic place ... and I see she SPINS!!! It's the kind of gathering I dream of but am afraid the bunnies would do my blood pressure no good....unless served up on a platter.