Saturday, February 18, 2012

Starting Sketchbook Number Fifty Five!

About two days ago I made the last entry into sketchbook number fifty-four.

On a recent trip to South Jersey, my van let me down again, so I got to ride back to Philly in the cab with another AAA guy. By the end of the trip, Joel Smith and I were friends.

Philadelphia's most famous chef, Georges Perrier, recently opened an up-scale bakery near me, called
"The Art Of Bread." A delicious place to linger over coffee, and draw.

I usually only go to Barnes and Noble to wander the book aisles, but couldn't resist all these very focused folks, just waiting to be captured by my pen.

Likewise patrons of my favorite Chinese take-out restaurant, "Shangri-La-Inn," making major decisions about dinner.

A painting of Audrey Hepburn (?) looks down on a neighbor at  nearby "Town Hall Coffee."

And a week cannot go by without having breakfast at "Hymies Deli."

Much like my van, my Dad had to have some "fine-tuning" done on the little engine that keeps him going at 99, his pace-maker. But he's out of the hospital and looking forward to spring, like the rest of us.
And I've now broken in my new sketchbook.


  1. DEEElightful!! Keep those sketch books going...

  2. katepaai (kathleen patricia aileen)February 19, 2012 at 6:33 PM

    I agree with Amy and am especially gladto hear your dad is up and about and able to be hisself again.

  3. you are out an about A LOT! no wonder you fill up these sketchbooks.
    Glad yr dad is out and about too :)

  4. You know what they say about "Idle hands...
    And I look forward to seeing my Dad every Thursday,
    when he makes us lunch.
    Thank you katepaai and PB.

  5. Wonderful : ) And glad to hear your dad has been "sprung". I really like the way you compose your sketches - the way you've arranged them on the Barnes and Noble sketch for instance is great! Do you have a special pen you prefer? Is it like a tech pen or a fine-line marker? Your marks are excellent : )

  6. Thanks for you comments, Kim.
    My pen is a Micro Uni-ball, bought at Staples, one dozen in a box.
    I seem to go through lots of them, pretty fast. But in reality, I leave them all over the house, so often cannot find them when I'm heading out.
    Drives me nuts when they to start to dry up, and let me down.
    The Barnes and Noble sketch is a good example of the magic of starting one figure...and then they leave, or someone else sits down, and you realize you MUST get that person down...and it just evolves in an unpredictable way.

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