Friday, December 6, 2013

Bill's Blog Is Once Again Up and Running.

Does life sometime get in the way, or do we just get in our own way?
Obviously my adventures as an artist in Philly have been ongoing for
the past year and a half, and it is now time to play catch-up.
The following are just a few of my creations during my hiatus.
In early spring I started painting once again along the Schuylkill river.
This large oil was done where all the bridges cross, at East Falls.

 At least once a week I still go down to visit my dad and brothers in South Jersey.
And if the weather is good, I end the day set up along the roadside, painting.
Here is a watercolor just as a storm was moving in. I love doing these  farmscapes.

 I'm currently exhibiting twelve 5 X 7"oil still-lifes in the Holiday Show at Harcastles Galleries
in Centerville and Newark, Delaware. Here are two done on my kitchen windowsill.

There's now a waiting list to get into my classes at the Barn Studio, in Millville, N.J. I still have
lunch with my dad and brothers after class. Pop is now One Hundred and One years old, and
his mind is still sharp as a tack, as is his tongue. He finally gave up driving a few moths ago.

Looks like I'm gonna' be around awhile, still having my adventures as an arteest.
It's great to be back. Stay tuned.


  1. Great to see you back Bill with your wondrful varied work.

  2. Looking at your sketchbooks reminds me to look around at all the interesting people and 'things' there are in my surroundings. I love the way you captured sentences to make the people real, and all the writing on the walls and mirrors. Your work is such an inspiration.