Saturday, June 14, 2014

Some Kids Just Don't Get Enough Lovin' From Their Pappys.

In the old days of the Wild West a man's sons often went astray.

Frank and Jessie James had a lust for robbing trains and stagecoaches.

Before Wyatt Earp and his brother Virgil got street cred as Deputy U.S, Marshals
at the gunfight at the OK Coral, they and their brothers were constantly being run out of towns and territories
for causing commotion amongst the local populace.

The Youngers took rowdiness to a new extreme, spitting in public places, causing commotion day and night, and were rumored to be cavorting  with wimmin of questionable moral fiber at every opportunity.

The Dalton boys were just a downright nasty bunch who actually killed people. Eventually citizens formed Vigilante groups, taking the law into their own hands. Here are the Daltons, laid out for public display after a gunfight that concluded with their demise.  One would hope; "Lesson Learned."

For some reason Historians of the old west have overlooked the once infamous "Ternay Boys," varmints
in their own right. Rumor has it the sons, Mason, Will, and Pierce, were encouraged by the family Patriarch, "Wild Bill," (center above) to live life to the fullest and savor every moment, whether sad or yoyous, to celebrate the unique qualities of their fellow humans, and to not take crap from anybody.
Happy Father's Day.


  1. You Ternays always did like to dress up.

  2. Hiya' cousin Carol. How nice of you to bop in here.
    You'll notice there was no reason in this post to do any "VALUE STUDIES."
    hee-hee Which by the way I agree are even MORE IMPORTANT than ever to do!