Thursday, August 5, 2010

Sunset Cruise on the Maurice River.

One of the really serene highlights of our workshop week is the sunset cruise on the Maurice River.
Once again our River Guide was Captain Dave, a longtime "Friend of the Barn Studio." He obviously
enjoys sharing his vast  knowledge of the history of the river, and its' inhabitants, starting with the
Lenni-Lenape people, and early Colonists of the Delaware Bay area. 

For Pat Witt, the Maurice River and its' tributaries and marshlands and ditches and wildlife and
earthy wet smells have forever formed, and informed, her life as an artist and teacher.

 I have the daily pleasure of owning and living with four of Pat's beautiful and elegant paintings.

We had hardly pushed off from the dock, before Pat had her sketchbook out, making rapid sketches
of her impressions of the passing wetlands and sometimes steep banks of the river.

 And because of a few days of stormy skies, Mother Nature gave us a wonderful show.

 Mostly, we sat and simply looked at the beauty of it all. We knew we were so very fortunate to
have this week, to paint along the river.

Rounding a bend, yet another view of the Burcham Farm.

At one point, as I stood with Pat and Kandice, at the bow of the boat...

 We recieved this gift from the Art Spirit.

A wonderful way to end this year's cruise on the Maurice River.


  1. Wow! What a wonderful way to end your week. Hope to see you there next year!!

  2. Ooops that sounded like France to me
    Still very lovely indeed!
    Lucky you