Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Art From My Teens.

Like so many artists I know, I was the kid in school everyone thought of as the "Class Arteeeeest."

Here I am in Mrs. Gloss's Art Class, while at Bridgeton High, in South Jersey, in 1955.

I was about sixteen when I did this cover for a History assignment. My apologies to all of my Indian friends out there.

Whenever my brothers and I played "Cowboys and Indians," guess who played the Indian?

I figured I must have been a Chiricahua Apache Indian in a previous life, for better or for worse.

My fantasies knew no bounds.

And of course, many of those fantasies were inspired by unrequited teenage lust.

Which was all the more frustrated by good old Catholic guilt, and tons of "Impure Thoughts!"

Ahh, to be free of Society's rules, like my hero, Tarzan.

But thank goodness there are no "Thought Police" in the U.S. of A.
And if there were, I knew how to deal with them.

As long as I had my pen, and my imagination, I was in charge.

Did I tell you my brothers and I also used to make Cowboy and Indian movies?
Yup, that's me squatting in the back, as Geronimo. But that's another story.


  1. Wow! What a hoot! These remind me of some of my drawings, many which have found their way to the big trash can in the sky! Burned to make smoke signals.....LOL

  2. Great post. I'm so glad you saved that great old art work.

  3. So very entertaining!! Thank you, Bill! I'm sure many of us, arteests have these remnants buried away in our closets. I know I do!!

  4. Thanks friends and fellow arteeests.
    You know that old saying; "You can take the kid out of the country,

  5. Hi, Bill~Loved that trip into your memory. You were quite the going concern as an arteeest at a young age. Would you mind if I passed your blog address to a few of your writing workshop compadres?

    Thank you for sharing, and hope to see you soon...xox.