Friday, March 11, 2011

U.S. Air Force and Sin City.

Two weeks ago I found myself at Philadelphia Airport, drawing fellow passengers as we all awaited our flight to Las Vegas, Nevada.

My brother Frank and I were flying to Sin City to attend the retirement ceremony of his son Bryan, and
celebrate his 25 years of service in the U. S. Air Force.

I cannot tell you how many drawings I've done  over the years of dozing passengers.

There's no doubt it brings out the voyeur in me.

Upon our arrival at the Vegas airport, we were greeted by rows of blinking slot machines, and a very scary lady holding a weapon.

The view from our hotel room was a bit surrealistic, but it appealed to the Artist in me.

As did this character I kept catching glimpses of in the smoke-filled casino, at all hours of the day and night.
Wait a minute! I think I know this guy!

Son Pierce and Maggi and Diver took time off from their U.S. tour to join us for a few days of partying.

They return to Philly on April 3rd, just in time to celebrate Diver's fourth birthday, and to play at The Grape Room, 400 Main Street,in Manayunk, on 16 April.

Was this woman ending a night of gambling, at 8 a.m., or just beginning her day with a beer and a stack of bills?

The highlight of the trip, of course, was Bryan's retirement ceremony.

He and his family and friends had good reason to be proud of his accomplishments.

And here is a very young and naive me, in the Air Force in 1958. Not quite yet the Artist, and definitely not
meant for a career in the military. 
Not everything that happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.


  1. Love, love, love this post!!

  2. Great post Bill..and I love the final picture.

  3. Thank you Amy and Nancy,
    It was ultimately a fun time, for all the reasons touched on in this post.
    But I sure wouldn't want to live there.

  4. Love
    Your casual sketches of Sin City!!!

  5. Thank you PB.
    Now get thee safely to Paree' and Venice,
    and do that Art only you do so well, on your blog.
    Can't wait to see your pics and paintings!