Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas Break From Being On The Road.

My son Pierce and his partner Maggi and daughter Diver and Pokey the Band Dog pulled into Philly last Saturday.  

Gypsies that they are, they were returning home from being out on the road for the past three months,
touring the U. S. with their band, "Hymn For Her".

Their thousands of fans across the country know them as " Wayne Waxing and Lucy Tight."

As usual they were welcomed by an enthusiastic crowd of hometown friends at the "Grape Room," in Philly's Manayunk section of town.

Here's a drawing I did of the Doorman and the Sound Guy while H4H were doing their sound check.

A few nights later son Mason also performed at the "Grape," in a debut performance of his Raggae band "Tree Rats."
This morning they packed up their van and once again headed down route 95 south, where they'll be spending the holidays in their little Airstream Trailer in Sarasota, Florida. Here's a drawing Diver did yesterday showing her and me (I'm the guy in the shorts and turtleneck) romping on the beach.

She assures me a great time will be had by all. Happy Holidaaaaze everyone.


  1. Love yr crosshatchy drawing particularly.
    He really looks like you!

  2. PB.
    If you're referring to the last picture, of the child. Diver is a SHE.

  3. Pretty wonderful Bill! Happy New Year!
    BTW, here is a movie I made about your mentor, the incomparable Pat Witt!
    Explaining Pat Witt

    John Thornton

  4. What great musical family fun! How lucky that you & Diver can share the gift of drawing!