Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Holidays were fun while they lasted.

I hope every one of you had a fun holiday and New Years celebration.

My little family decided to spend Christmas in Florida. Here's my view from the backseat of Will navigating while his friend Stacey drove.

Upon our arrival we indulged in good food...and Ms. Diver.
Pierce and his partner-in-love, Maggi, perform a lot in Florida. Here practicing on their deck.

So they decided they needed a "home base" in the south.

On our morning walks Mason and I encountered the high rises...

 And the funky low rises. 'Twas the season, even in sunny Florida.

And I now know where Santa spends his vacation after delivering his gifts to good little girls and boys.

As do lots of those "one per centers" and rich retirees.

But of course for children, Christmas is a magical time. Diver trimming the Mango tree.

Escaping into one of the many books left by Santa.

And proudly showing her drawing of herself twirling in a hula-hoop, to her Silver Pop-Pop.
Must be in the genes.


  1. Happy, Happy New Year, Bill! Looks like good times were had by all. I've spent much time in sunny FL when my mom lived there for over 25 years! The west coast is beautiful...Sarasota, perhaps?

  2. Christmastime in Sarasota, what a unique experience! Enjoyed the story/pics. Diver is an incredibly pretty little girl and very photogenic too.