Sunday, August 3, 2014

"Creating In The Middle Of Things."

The title of this post is from a book that I keep at my bedside. "Coaching the Artist Within," is one of many books written by Eric Maisel, a "Creativity Coach."for Artists of all kind.

Maisel's thoughtful and encouraging proddings help keep me on the straight and narrow path of dealing with all the "stuff" life throws at us daily, yet still maintain some form of creativity. The easiest way to keep in practice is to reach for my always handy sketchbook.

As you know by now, my sketches are done in a variety of locales, some on the fly in line at the post office or market, or a more lengthy wait at the doctor's office, or when I'm settled in at a restaurant or bar, or Barnes &  Noble, or at an airport. The woman above and I had drops in our eyes at the Ophthalmologist..

 Our local School Board was trying to quietly push through a project that would create a depot for High School buses in an already crowded residential area a few blocks from my home. Neighbors were up in arms about the proposal, needless to say. I felt an obligation to document the Board's confrontation with my fellow irate citizens.  

I never know where my pen is going to take me.

But wherever we travel I know I'll encounter a cast of unsuspecting fellow characters, and a wonderful pile of shapes on the page.

I'll soon be creating a little book with drawings done over the past forty-five years at "Hymie's Deli."

And as long as they are performing within 25 or so miles from me, I'll show up to hear
"Dr. Ben's Backbone Blues Band."

I cannot resist putting in comments uttered by bartenders and fellow patrons. The total often makes for a funky composition that just evolves.

This man was more than a bit befuddled by who was paying for what...and yes, I know; TMI!   
Life and all the accumulation of stuff continues, and my sketchbooks get full.


  1. Love these! And especially how you drew that suit. Killer.

  2. Look forward to the book Bill ! and by the way, Louise was beautiful. A lovely tribute.

  3. Thanks to two of my most talented online artist friends.