Monday, November 3, 2014

The Gentle Art Of Scaring Children Young And Old.

               Halloween has come and gone, but the fright lingers on. At least at the Ternay house.
           Everyone has something that scares them silly, seems to me. For my favorite middle son, Pierce,
           that means Spiders and Clowns. I did this as a birthday card for him about ten years ago, when
                                                      he lived with his band-mates in an old mill.

                                                                        He loved it. (hee-hee)
                                                                        For me it's SNAKES.


  1. Love the clown and the old mill. Thinking like you, Snakes are the scary bad guys.

  2. Scared me witless, Bill! Even scared the Moon! ("Yikes")
    Still laughing, though. :-)