Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Drawings From My Sketchbook At The End of 2014.

Happy New Year, Friends. Here are some sketchbook images reflecting my adventures from around Thanksgiving.until now.

Sometimes at the end of my morning walk I miraculously end up at the nearby Dunkin' Donuts.
These two couples have been meeting here every morning for years. I've always wanted to draw them,
and just last week finally did. One day I got brave and asked what language they were speaking?
They are Greeks, and obviously longtime friends.

Two weeks ago I took the train into Philly to meet three of my friends and fellow artists at the Barnes Museum. These passengers were waiting for other trains.

After we parted I walked over to the Barnes and Noble, around 18th and Walnut streets.
These two folks did not know each other, or that I was drawing them. Each of us was in our own world.

Before heading back out of town I stopped in one of my old haunts, from when I was in Art School, in the sixties. Nothing seemed to have changed, except the bartender and me.

I could not resist sketching this dozing fellow passenger on the train ride home. The partial sketch on the right
is of a guard at the Barnes, who was also dozing off and on. He said I could not sketch in the galleries.
Mmmm...I wonder how Monet would have replied?

A few days later, while out running errands, I gave in to a mad urge for some pumpkin pie, topped with vanilla ice cream and a few puffy squirts of whipped cream. When my students complain they don't know what to draw in their sketchbooks, I tell them "Draw anything!"

Always a fun thing to do when at my favorite Chinese restaurant is just fill the page with "talking heads,"
at the take-out counter.

Sometimes when my son Mason is playing with his band, the "Tree Rats,"on "Open Mic Tuesdays", I'll hang out to draw them as they perform. Mas' is the small head left of middle, always behind his band mates because he is the drummer.
Tomorrow night is New Years eve, and to each of you have a safe and enjoyable evening, wherever you celebrate.                                


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