Wednesday, December 24, 2014

The Art Of Wishing My Friends A Merry Christmas.

If you were to type William Ternay Jr into Google and hit "images" you would see cartoons, portraits, courtroom art, landscapes, romantic paperback and children's book illustrations, drawings from my sketchbooks, even primitive drawings from my teen years done at idle moments in my dad's store.

Among those many subjects you'll also see some of my illustrations of a "Religious" theme, created for the
Franklin Mint, Greeting Card, Print, and believe it or not, Puzzle companies. The painting above is one of my most favorites. I hope it captures the mystery, magic, and perhaps majesty of this event celebrated by so many around the world at this time of the year..

One of the Greeting card companies I deal with is "Leanin' Tree." whose market is all those folks in the south and west who are into the "Great Outdoors", camping, fishing, hunting, etc. This concept came to me one beautiful, crisp, and crunchy afternoon  while standing at the top of a ski run in the mountains above Denver.
I cannot tell you how difficult it is to get a moose to hold a pose.

Happy Holidays friends, and the very best to you in 2015.



  1. Thanks Nancy. Hope you and Walter have a reeeely nice holiday.

  2. Living in Paris I don't think you'd see either reindeer or,
    as in my illustration, "Moose," Ms. PB.