Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Deer Isle Is Calling.

Now that summer is officially here, there is no denying the siren call of Maine.
We Ternays became "Maine-iacs" back in 1972, when we started going to the
Haystack Mountain School Of Crafts, on Deer Isle.

Within a few years we bought our little piece of Deer Isle; three1/2 acres, with
600 feet of shoreline, at the very end of a cove. We paid $9000. for it.
In 2000 Louise, our 3 sons, and 15 foolish friends who volunteered to help,
built most of this cabin, in 2 weeks.

Being in Maine all these years has changed and effected our family in so many ways.
For me, of course, the opportunities for subjects to paint, are unending.
Here are some of my most recent paintings, from the past few years.

"Rocks In Mist; Early Morning." Oil on panel. 5 X 7" $110.00

"Toward The Mainland". Oil on panel. 5 X 7" $110.00

"Burnt Cove Boat House." Oil on panel 5 X 7" $110.00

"Diver's Placenta Tree." Oil on panel  5 X 7" NFS

"Porch View Of Our Cove."   SOLD

We can hardly wait to get up there.

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  1. I really like this one, Bill.
    Rich color contrast......
    When did you start working in oils?
    See you soon........