Monday, June 7, 2010

Rittenhouse Square Art Show, Friends, and Mentors

I've been attempting to stick to a schedule of posting on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. But last week
I was so busy participating in the Lower Merion Conservancy PaintOut that I missed Friday, and almost
missed seeing the Rittenhouse Square Art Show, one of the oldest outdoor art festivals in the U.S.
Since its beginning in1932, most of the participating artists have been "locals." But even in staid old
Philadelphia, the times they are a changin'.

These days the event has become very, very "upscale", and exhibiting artists come from
all over the U.S. It's now part of the the Tent Show Circuit, and Philadelphians look forward
to the spring and fall shows. I personally feel the majority of the "art" is pretty commercial,
appealing to buyers who are looking for that perfect image that will fit over their purple couch.
But I never begrudge an artist a sale, whatever their art.

Here are three very talented friends; Nancy Barch, Jane Miluski, and Pat Kerr.
I had the pleasure, for many years, of serving with each of them on the board
of the Philadelphia Water Color Society. Each is a seasoned veteran of Rittenhouse.  :

 And here is a fellow artist from down in my neck of the South Jersey woods, Ellen Gavin.
Ellen is from Millville, near my mentor at the Barn Studio, Pat Witt. Ellen does lush
Impressionistic oils, and like my other friends, she is very prolific. I had to wait my
turn, between her many customers, to take this picture. Ellen's smile reflects her good sales.

I was in the Rittenhouse show twice, way back when artists actually hung their art on clotheslines.
Once, when I was still in art school, and again, about ten years ago. I sold ZERO each time!
Here is a water color I did at the 2nd time, just to keep busy. (9x14", $110.00)

But my frail ego got its' strokes when, just a few years later, I was asked to be one of the two
judges for the show.
Such is the topsy-turvy life of an artist.

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