Monday, June 14, 2010

Lower Merion PaintOut; Day Two.

Here is the process I went through to attempt to capture the feeling of light, in the scene above.
My first marks on the panel were the placement of the warm spots of sunlight,
the "lightest Lights", and the calligraphic rhythm of the "Darkest Darks," which
established the linear movement throughout the horizontal composition.

After about two and a half hours of painting, and adjusting my easel to keep my painting surface out
of the insistent sunlight, here is the finished painting. We had a 4 p.m deadline to finish painting,
somehow pop the art in frames, and deliver them to the home of the hosts of the fundraiser.
It was hot, and the deadline loomed! (Oil on panel, 12 X 24" $1900.00)

When I finally arrived to deliver my paintings, I found my always elegant painting partner, Nancy Herman,
finishing the task of putting together easels, with Mary Beth Hughes, the artist who oversaw the "PaintOut" part of the fundraiser.

Entering the house I was greeted by the sound of classical music. In the living room
I found an old friend, Deborah Reeder, who is Director of the "The Philadelphia Trio."

I soon found a spot for the smaller of my three paintings, on an antique desk,just inside
the entrance hall of the lovingly restored mansion.

Adding to the tasteful decor was this buffet in the dining room, awaiting the arrival of hungry guests.

And on the back lawn, a "Caribbean" buffet, near the pool.  

Happily the threatened rain held off, and the crowd of guests representing
Lower Merion's "Mainline Elite," enjoyed the evening's offerings and opportunity
to mingle with old friends.

As did the artists, who participated in the two day PaintOut.
It will be interesting to see who participates next year.

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  1. Nice pictures, Bill, and beautiful painting. I like the mini demonstration as well. I just want to note that in the first picture of me I am not mad at you- as it appears - but frustrated over the stubborn easels which had a mind of their own.
    It was a lovely evening with great food and nice people. I might do it again.