Friday, May 21, 2010

Paintings at Town Hall Coffee Company

This was a beautiful morning for my walk.At the end of it I stopped by the newly 
opened Town Hall Coffee Company. For those of you living in my area,
it's just a few doors down from Hymie's Deli, on Montgomery Avenue, in Merion.
Tim Noble, owner/barista, obviously takes pride in knowing everything there
is to know about reeeeely delicious upscale coffees, and the proper, loving, preparation
and presentation of them, to one's palate.

But up 'til today, the walls in his otherwise elegant space have been empty.
And it seemed to me they were probably waiting to be adorned by my paintings.
Happily, Tim agreed, so this afternoon I begin to install paintings, most
of which I've done in Merion Park, just down from the Barnes Foundation.
Others are of rowers on the Schuylkill River, and a few from Deer Isle, Maine,
where we have a cabin.I offer to you a sampling of my paintings.     
                                Azaleas, Merion Park. Oil on canvas.

                                Rocks, Gray Day, Maine Oil on panel.

                                Azaleas #2, Merion Park.
                               Looking West, Deer Isle, Maine Oil on panel.                  

                                Bridge, Merion Park. Oil on panel

I will have a little "Reception" within the next few weeks. In the meantime do stop by the Town Hall
Coffee Company. And enjoy a bit of art with your coffee and other delicious goodies offered by Tim.





  1. Thank you Ms PB.
    Their coffee happens to be reeeeely delish!

  2. Hi enjoyed your blog, your paintings...your history...your talent and welcome and warm manner delivers! thank you for sharing eleanor schimmel