Monday, May 10, 2010

Winterthur and Mother's Day

This is my dear wife, Louise, in 2007, holding our then newly born granddaughter,
Diver Ida Jane Ternay.
 Sadly, Louise died of cancer later that year, but she was joyous in knowing she got to love
and spend precious time with her beautiful little granddaughter.

And this is Diver 3 years later with her wonderful mother, Maggi Jane. Our family decided
to celebrate Mother's Day this year by going to the gardens at Winterthur, the former estate
of Henry Francis du Pont, near Wilmington, DE.

For those artists who enjoy painting gardens, Winterthur is overflowing with subject matter,
especially in the spring. I spent a spring morning in "Azalea Woods," doing this oil painting.
(5 X 7", oil on panel, $110.00)
Here's Diver  with her uncle Will, looking for fish in the reflecting pool, behind the mansion.

It wasn't long before Diver found her very own mansion, in the hollow of this ancient tree,
in the magical area for children of all ages,"Enchanted Woods."

She danced in the mists of the mushroom fairy circle with her daddy, Pierce, and her
mystical uncle Flarkus.

And briefly considered having afternoon tea, with some Elves, in another nearby tree trunk.

 But the elves were not at home. Away, no doubt, visiting their own mothers on this beautiful spring day.

. And as with any other day, that is exactly where Diver wanted to be.


  1. I am so loving this! My love for Maggi and Pierce endures, and extends to THEIR loved ones. I'm so feeling your loss, and theirs. Much unconditional love for you from Charli

  2. Thank you, Charlene & Nancy, for your kind words.
    This particular post was more than a bit of a challenge... but it finally came together.