Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Pokey The Band Dog, and other creatures of the night.

As many of you know, I have three very talented sons...and daughters-in-law, and granddaughter.
And of course, Pokey, the Band Dog, who has traveled all over the U.S., most recently with
Maggi and Pierce's band, "Hymn 4 Her."

Here they all are last fall, at the end of my driveway, the night before they left for a six months
tour of the U.S., in their newly purchased 1961 "Bambi." Airstream.

When they are back in Philly, as they now are, I end up spending lots of nights in darkened
venues, with Poki and Diver, in my role as "Silver-Pop-Pop-Baby-Sitter-Roadie," while
Maggi and Pierce perform. The only downside to that is, I don't have time to sketch,
which I also love doing at various other gigs.

So most of the nighttime drawings in my many sketchbooks (working on # 49, since 1974)
are of performers who are friends of ours. Here are Tuba Dan and E.J. Simpson doing E.J.'s
annual version of "Jesus Christ Superstar," at the Dawson St. Pub, on Good Friday.

And here is E.J. again, at the Dawson. This time with friends as "Two Men and Two Women In Black,"
in a tribute to Johnny Cash, on his birthday.

I love Blues, and here we have Dave Coppa wailing with his nephew, Pat, and friend Ray, on the drums.
They play a lot at the "Blue Parrot," in Wilmington, DE. Great Cajun food there!

Another favorite Blues band of mine is the "Backbone Blues Band," featuring Seth Holtzman,
my former Harmonica teacher. (I never practice.)

But of course, after these late-night adventures, there is always the morning after, and breakfast
with Ms. Diver, and Pokey, the ever faithful Band Dog.


  1. what a cutie!
    you should put yr doodles on Flickr!!

  2. Thank you PB.
    I'll work on it.
    A little bit here,
    a little bit there.