Monday, November 7, 2011

American Impressionists In Allentown, PA.

Last Saturday I took advantage of the beautiful sunny fall day and drove up to Allentown, PA, to visit the cities' Art Museum.  

This gem of a museum sits on the East end of an expansive grassy mall and park. On one corner is a
powerful bronze re-creation, by Nina Akamu, of the fabled horse envisioned, but never cast, by
Leonardo da Vinci.

At the Western end of the mall is a huge mural by my friend and neighbor, Michael Webb.
Mike has created some of the most elegant and complex murals in the city of Philadelphia.

In the early stages of this mural Mike asked me to work on the design and placement of many of the figures in the lower part of the composition. Mike is a Master at "Fool-The-Eye." 

At the museum I'd specifically wanted to see a new exhibition of American Impressionists. Unfortunately on this day, the gallery was closed as caterers prepared for an evening event for members. Oh woe!

Undaunted, I spent the afternoon drawing these two obviously powerful men who were hanging-out
next to each other in the Renaissance Gallery.

One; the pompous and pouty Pope Clement XIII.

The other; a "manly-man" of the world, no doubt. Drawn with a Uni-Ball Micro pen, in black ink.
I will return to see that Impressionist show.

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  1. The trip was worth it for the drawings alone. They are beautiful!