Saturday, November 26, 2011

Norman Rockwell Would Have Loved It.

Two weeks ago I taught my last class for the fall at the Barn Studio, in Millville, N.J.

Every morning before class, I had breakfast in the heart of town at a wonderful eatery, "Jim's Lunch." Although more of a Cafe, Jim's embodies all that I enjoyed when eating at Diners, as a kid in South Jersey.

Jim's has been around since 1922. Here are founders Jim Arnes and his wife Dorothy, looking down from the wall at Jim's to make sure customers are still well taken care of by today's family members.

I can assure them they need not worry. This is a drawing I did of current co-owner Jim Maul, at the back grill piling homefries on the plate of a hungry regular.

Overseeing business at the front of the house is owner Rochelle, Jim's wife, and their daughter Nicki.

Here is Nicki's brother Jim, Jr., making me a pancake as he looks out on his early morning view of
downtown Millville.

And oh my what a great pancake it was, accompanied by Italian sausage, and lots of hot coffee.
When classes at the Barn resume in January, the folks at Jim's will once again see my face, at breakfast.

And by the way; did I mention that on the last day of class, I just had to go back for Jim's Lunch?

Norman Rockwell; where are you when we need you?!



  1. parisbreakfasts hold the pancakesNovember 26, 2011 at 6:59 PM

    Terrific drawing though Jim looks a tad asleep on the job...too much turkey/triptophan?

  2. Thanks PB, but I did the drawing of Jim well before Turkey Day. It may simply be that he just puts in lots of hours at the grill.

  3. PB, Jim's Lunch sits right next to City Hall,
    and the place is always filled not only with local cops, but big burly guards from the nearby prison.
    I think the odds of getting robbed are pretty low.
    But I'll pass on your concerns to Jim.
    Nancy; now you know why I walk very fast past your house every day.

  4. Bill, it's always a real treat to visit your blog and see all your pics, sketches, drawings. Glad Jim's Diner isn't around these parts. My ongoing diet would be scurrying out of the window so fast you wouldn't see it for dust.

  5. I'm also glad Jim's Diner is about 50 miles from my home, Sheila. I'm a real sucker for all that nasty,
    but oh so tasty, food. If you ever get to Philly, I promise I won't take you there.

  6. Sheila, if you do get to Philly I hope we can all share a healthy but hearty meal together. Love seeing your blog and I love it that we are all working away and sharing in this new world of the blog o sphere.