Sunday, November 13, 2011

Portraits In New York City.

A few Tuesdays ago my son Mason and I went to New York City to see some Art.

We caught an early 6:30 a.m. Bolt Bus.

The plan was to go to the Museum Of Modern Art to see a big show of Willem de Kooning.
But it seems the Modern is closed on Tuesdays. Poor planning on my part.

Undeterred, we walked the almost 50 short blocks up to the Metropolitan Museum Of Art, to see
an exhibition of the works of the the Dutch Master, Frans Hals. Everyone was out and enjoying the beauty of Central Park.  

It was a warm  fall day, and we were looking forward to seeing some wonderful portraiture at the MET.

But it seems the Hals show had closed on Sunday, two days earlier! OH NO! This was as close as we got to seeing the exhibition.

If I'd been in charge heads would have rolled! 

But we were at the MET; where there is TONS of wonderful Art to see, on any day. Here, paintings by Chuck Close, on the left, and Andy Warhol on the right.

This big image was comprised of close ups of President Lincoln's image...

...on the penny.

Here; two very early Roman portraits; one sculpted, the other painted in encaustic. (wax.)

We ended our day by walking back downtown to Times Square.
That's us on the upper right of the girl's shoulder doing the "tourist-bit" on the big screen.

And finally, catching the Bolt Bus back to Philly. 


  1. OMG
    I gotta ask if you have internet yet?
    did you do any drawings?
    still looks like you had fun

  2. Well William, what terrible planning on your part! Fancy missing de Kooning - what a shame. But, it's the same here - I sometimes only find out about a London show when it just has a few days to run and I've no time to get down there. Are you far from NY? Looks like one cool place anyway.

  3. Loved looking at the photos of your trip! NYC seems so away from here. I'm determined to visit it one day. From here, love visiting Boston. I liked the portrait of you & your son mixed in with the others! The 1st photo is striking. I often sketch those odd shaped industrial plants out of bus windows. Fascinating forms, fasinating functions, but often ignored..