Monday, November 21, 2011

A Peek Into My Sketchbook.

I'm often asked if I draw and write in my sketchbook every day?

I definitely write in it every day, and on average do a drawing every other day. Last Friday I did this drawing in the cafeteria of a nearby hospital. Happily I was only visiting. 

That evening I had an urge for Chinese take-out, so while waiting, I did this pile of images of other
patrons, with some of their overheard comments.

Saturday night my harmonica teacher, Seth, was playing about an hour away, with his Blues band.

Sunday morning I went to a local Deli, where I've done many drawings over the years.

Later in the week, lunchtime at Hymie's Deli.

And on another night, I drew this woman sitting at the bar at Olive Garden.

My one rule when sketching; make sure my subjects don't know I'm drawing them.
You know what they say about "Idle hands."


  1. Hi Bill, I always enjoy viewing your "Postcards from Philly"sketches!!!.....Incidentally, I have made a Final decision on the picture that our family wants to commission you to do in Ben Lee's memory. I put it on your "messages" on Facebook. Thanks so much!!! Regards, Audrey

  2. These sketches are so wonderful and you had such a productive week with lots of fun thrown in.

  3. Do you ever draw your food?
    That would require drawings 3 X a day perhaps...
    Your deli drawings make me long for a toasted bagel with a schmear...

  4. Thanks Audrey, I'll check out your message on facebook.
    And I'm not nearly as productive as you are, Nancy.
    I'm working in ink; and you do an OIL painting a day! Woa!
    And PB; what a GREAT IDEA for a post.
    Maybe it should be "What I ate this weekend."